V Insurance

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What is Covered?

This program covers Judo Australia (JA), including all affiliated State / Territory Associations, Clubs and all registered members, officials, accredited coaches, voluntary workers, executives and members of the Board of Management involved in activities which are sanctioned by JA. These activities include judo events, tournaments including recognised training sessions, fundraising activities and travel to and from these activities. 

This program incorporates four covers;

  1. Public & Products Liability
  2. Personal Accident
  3. Association Liability Insurance (Directors & Officers Liability)
  4. Group Travel

To download a copy of the JA Summary of Cover brochure please click on the icon below:

Travel Insurance is available to nominated individuals on travel authorised by JA. Please check with JA to find out how to become a nominated individual or if you already qualify for this cover. Further information on the JA Travel Insurance policy can be found on the following Travel Insurance Summary, or by contacting V-Insurance Group on +61 2 8599 8600.