V Insurance

Call +61 (2) 8599 8660 or 1300 945 547

Certificate of Currency

A copy of your Certificate of Currency is available for download below.

To find your club, please click on “please select” type the first letter of the name of your club then use the arrow keys on your keyboard to find your club.

Interested Parties

Clubs have the option to add an interested party on their certificate. This could be a local council, property owner or a business like Bunnings (for fundraising sausage sizzles). Please be aware that noting an interested party does not provide instant coverage for the entity noted. Should you require an interested party listed on your policy, please contact V-Insurance Group on the details provided below;

Phone +61 (2) 8599 8660.

Fax +61 (2) 8599 8661Email: [email protected]

Should you need a Certificate of Currency for a Lease Agreement, please click the following link for more information.