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How to Make a Claim


If you are a member of Softball Australia, including all affiliated States/Territories and their member clubs and associations and you have suffered an injury whilst participating in an official Softball Australia activity (including official events, all playing training and trialling, meetings, fundraising activities and travel to and from these activities) please follow the below steps to lodge a Personal Accident claim.

Please refer to the Policy Wording for policy terms, conditions and exclusions.

Step 1:
Download a Softball Australia Personal Accident claim form

Step 2:
Complete each section of the claim form. Please be advised that incomplete claim forms may cause a delay in processing your claim.

Step 3:
Please return your Personal Accident claim form and supporting documentation to Corporate Services Network via email, post or fax:Corporate Services Network
GPO 4276
Sydney NSW 2001
Phone: +61 2 8256 1770             
Fax: +61 2 8256 1775 
Email:  [email protected]

Step 4: Corporate Services Network will confirm receipt of your claim form and advise whether they require further information.

For assistance with your Personal Accident claim form please contact V-Insurance Group Phone: +61 (2) 8599 8660 or 1300 172 321.

Important information

The Health Insurance Act (Cth) 1973 does not permit the insurer to contribute to any charges covered, or partially covered by Medicare. Please refer to the table below for some common examples:

Non-Medicare Medical Items; claimable as per the Personal Accident policy wordingItems covered by Medicare; not claimable through the Personal Accident Policy
PhysiotherapistPublic Hospitals
DentalSurgeon & Surgeon’s Assistant
Private Hospital AccommodationX-Rays
MRI Scans*MRI Scans*
*MRI scans are generally covered through Medicare; however please check with your treating physician, as sometimes the provider is not registered with Medicare.

In addition, there will be no refund for any expenses to which the National Health Act (Cth) 1953 applies.


If an incident occurs where you are being held liable by a third party you should contact V-Insurance Group as soon as possible on +61 (2) 8599 8660 or 1300 172 321.

For all policy coverage queries or details on how to make a claim, please contact V-Insurance Group – insurance broker for Softball Australia.

V-Insurance Group Pty Ltd
Level 17, Angel Place 123 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000
Phone  +61 (2) 8599 8660 or 1300 172 321
Fax     +61 (2) 8599 8661
Email   [email protected]


In the event that you need to make a claim, notify the team manager of the loss immediately (if appropriate) and request that the loss is reported to the organisers (if appropriate).

Members not participating in a team should contact Arch Assistance on +61 2 8115 5716 directly, reverse charge calls will be accepted. All incidents of theft or disappearance of property must be reported to the local police with 24 hours.

Make a note of the circumstances at the time, and list all items that are missing, this will help you when you fill in the claim form. Notify Softball Australia and/or V-Insurance Group as soon as possible and claim form will be sent out which must be completed.

Should you require emergency assistance whilst travelling or any matter including medical matters or guarantees of payment, please call Arch Assistance, anywhere in the world, reverse charges, 24 hours a day.

 Country CodeArea CodeNumber
Telephone+6128115 5716

For non-emergency related queries, please call:   

Arch Assistance
Phone  +61 2 8036 3193
Email   [email protected]