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Paddle Protect FAQ’s

Can any Paddle Australia member take out Paddle protect Insurance?
If your membership is current with Paddle Australia you are eligible to purchase this insurance policy. Please note that members with a “Stay Connected” membership only are not eligible.

What are the inception and expiry dates if I take out a policy?
Inception date is the date you have purchased your policy.  The policy has a common expiry date of 30 June annually.

What is classed as accessories/equipment?
Paddles, life jackets, safety equipment, lifesaving equipment, electronic navigation equipment, helmets, global positioning system, two-way radios.

How many paddle craft can I insure on a policy?
As many as you like.  If total sum insured is over $5,000 we will provide you with a separate insurance quotation.

How are claims settled?
In the event of a claim, please contact V-Insurance to request a claim form.  A completed claim form along with photographs of the damage (if relating to accidental damage) will be required along with a quote for repair.  If your vessel has been stolen, a Police Report and photographs of the forceable entry point will be required to be submitted to the Insurer.

What is the excess?
A $250 excess applies each and every claim.

Can I include my family / other householders craft and equipment on my policy?

Is liability Insurance included in this insurance?
This policy does not automatically provide Third Party Liability insurance for your craft.  As a member of Paddle Australia, you are automatically covered by their Public Liability insurance policy subject to the policy terms and conditions.

Does cover apply if I hire out my craft for money?

Does cover apply if someone else uses or borrows my craft or equipment?

Can I pay my premium by monthly instalments?
Only if your annual premium is over $250.

Is my paddle craft and equipment covered if it is stolen from my home or paddle club?
Yes, as long as forceable entry has occurred. This could be breaking a door, window or lock to gain entry. **

Is my paddle craft and equipment covered if it is stolen from the edge of a river bank, beach or another paddling launch location?
Theft/Burglary is only covered if there is forceable entry. This means theft from the open air without a lock is not covered. In order for a claim to be paid your paddle craft and equipment will need to be chained up or secured in some way. If your paddle craft and equipment is left unsecured and unattended it is not covered for theft.**

Is my paddle craft and equipment covered if it is stolen from my car?
Yes, as long as there is evidence of forceable entry or removal. This could be a broken window or cutting the straps you secured to your roof rack.**

**Please note all claims relating to theft/burglary need to be notified to the police.

Is my paddle craft and equipment covered if it is damaged whilst in/on a car or a trailer?
Yes transport is covered as long as it is not by a Commercial carrier.

Is my paddle craft and equipment covered as luggage on a plane?
No as a plane is classified as a commercial carrier.

Is my paddle craft and equipment covered outside of Australia?
No, cover is for Australia wide only.

Is my paddle craft and equipment covered if I hit a rock when paddling?
Yes accidental damage is covered.

Answers provided within the FAQ Section are a summary only.  Terms, conditions and exclusions apply.  Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement to determine if the insurance policy is right for you.