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What is Covered? – Property Insurance

Property Insurance provides vital protection for your Club or Association’s property and assets and provides protection against fire, theft, damage etc. V-Insurance has developed a National Property Insurance Program for Netball Australia. By grouping all affiliated Netball Association and Club property and owned assets under one insurance policy, we have achieved significant premium savings and increased policy coverage for all.

Who is insured under this policy?
Netball Australia and all affiliated State Associations and Territories (except Netball NSW), all Associations and/or subsidiary and/or related Corporations as defined under Australian Corporations Law and/or financiers and all parties for whom the Insured undertakes to insure for their respective rights, interests and liabilities.

Who is the insurer?
HDI Global

What is the period of insurance?
From 15 February 2023, 4.00pm To 1 January 2024, 4.00pm

Contents/Stock, belonging to an affiliated Association is covered under this Property Insurance policy up to an amount of $20,000.

You are able to increase your Sum Insured, please contact V-Insurance Group for a quote.

Where are you covered?
Anywhere in Australia (including contract sites) where the Insured has property or carries on business, has goods or other property stored or being processed or has work done.

What is the Excess?

Earthquake, subterranean fire or volcanic eruption$20,000 or an amount equal to 1% of total declared values at the situation where the damage occurs whichever is the greater
Storm Windstorm Names Cyclone and Bushfire$5,000
Water damage, malicious damage, burglary & Theft$5,000
All other claims$2,500
Section 2 Consequential Loss72 hours

The payment of the Property excess is the responsibility of the Association that sustained the loss and will not be paid by Netball Australia unless otherwise agreed..

Please refer to the Policy Wording for details of policy conditions and exclusions.

How to make a claim?
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