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What is Covered? – Cyber Insurance

Cyber Event Protection has been put in place to protect your Netball Association or Club against a number of different cyber attacks or events. This Cyber insurance aims to get your Association/Club operating normally as soon as possible after a cyber attack or data breach.

Who is insured under this policy?
This policy covers Netball Australia and all its State/Territory Associations, all affiliated clubs and associations.

Who is the insurer?
360 Underwriting

What is the period of insurance?
From 1 January 2022, 4.00pm To 1 January 2023, 4.00pm
(local standard time at the Insured’s head office)

What is the scope of cover?
Section A Losses to your business (loss of revenue, increased operating costs)
Section B Loss to others (third party damages, civil and regulatory fines and penalties, defence costs multi-media liability)
Section C Cyber event response costs (costs associated with credit and identity monitoring, customer notification, cyber extortion, data restoration, data securing, external management and virus extraction)

Important Note: Aggregate limit is $1,000,000

How to make a claim?
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