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Frequently Asked Questions

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Please find below a list of common insurance enquiries. The questions have been sorted under the following 3 headings:


Ensure that all participants (players and coaches) are registered members of their State Association prior to commencing netball activities.

Actively encourage registered coaches to undertake accreditation courses.

Keep an injury register/record of all injuries sustained in any netball related activity.

Ensure that you are incorporated (and maintain your incorporated status) and your bylaws are current and up to date (including the provision of appropriate Discipline and Grievance clauses and Procedures).


Thoroughly read any agreement before signing.

Some councils may ask you to sign an agreement which states that they will not be held liable in the event of injury arising as a result of use for training or events.


Official events

Playing, training and trialling

Official social events and fundraising activities

Travel to and from the above activities

any expenses recoverable by You from any other insurance program or plan providing medical or similar coverage or from any other source except for the excess of the amount recoverable from such other policies/plans.

any expense to which the National Health Act (Cth) 1953 or any of the regulations made there under apply.