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Property Insurance

V-Insurance Group is the insurance broker for MAAA and has worked with the MAAA to design this insurance program for its affiliated clubs. Property Insurance provides vital protection for your Club or Association’s property and assets and provides protection against fire, theft, damage etc. By grouping all affiliated MAAA Clubs’ property and owned assets with one insurer, we have achieved significant premium savings for all. Only nominated clubs are covered so if you would like to obtain Property insurance for your club, please contact V-Insurance Group for an individual quotation.

Who is insured under this policy?
Affiliated clubs of MAAA

What is the period of insurance?
From 31 May 2023, 4:00pm To 31 May 2024, 4:00pm

What property is covered?
All property belonging to the Club. This includes outbuildings, sheds, runways, contents, electronic equipment, internal and external glass and stock. You can choose your sums insured and excess as the policy is flexible.

The payment of the Property excess is the responsibility of the club that sustained the loss and will not be paid by MAAA unless otherwise agreed.

What are the exclusions?
We recommend you read the policy to review all exclusions, however we have listed below some of the exclusions which could affect your club. There is no cover for the following perils/losses:

1) Aircraft
2) War and terrorism
3) Restoration of Electronic Data
4) Registered Motor Vehicles or Trailers

How to make a claim?
Please contact V-Insurance Group to describe the incident and to receive the correct claim form using one of the following contact methods:

Phone +61 2 8599 8660 or 1300 172 321

Email [email protected]